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Generations 1, 2,&3.
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Generations 1, 2,&3.
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MICHAEL MURR (POTTER) (1st Murr Generation) and his wife SUSANNAH , the earliest record, 1 December 1761 in Rowan County, North Carolina, in the minutes of Salisbury where he had bought lots. Michael died in 1785 (date from will). SUSANNAH MURR was still alive 24 February 1796.

Four children (mentioned in will) only one by name. GEORGE MICHAEL MURR (2nd Murr Generation) born approximately 1759, died 11 December 1802 (he was 43 years and 11 days old). Buried Salisbury, North Carolina.

JOHN MURR (2nd Murr Generation)born 6 July 1774 in Salisbury, North Carolina (birth listed in 1850 census in 1770). Birth date of 1774 was from will (the date arrived from when he was bound out to learn a trade). He died before 1 January 1884 in Washington County, 5th District, Tennessee, where he owned a farm.

In MICHAEL MURR's will he required that the Executors of his will...his wife and Casper Kinder bind his children..."as they grow up to a trade or some calling to enable them to procure an honest living for themselves hereafter". (Will dated 17 August 1784). Approximately five years later on, 6 May 1790, a clipping from a Salisbury news paper stated the John Murr was 15 years and 10 months old when he was bound over to Tobias Furrier to learn the trade of Blacksmith in Salisbury, North Carolina.

JOHN MURR had two verified marriages; the first marriage to Mary Brown on 22 December 1798 in Washington County, Tennessee; rites by John Brown, (daughter of Jacob Brown, Jr. and Elizabeth Artmire Brown). Mary Brown was born between 1775 and 1780 in Washington County, Tennessee.

The second marriage was to Patience Tucker (daughter of Joseph Tucker and Margaret Tucker) on 5 September 1815 in Washington County, Tennessee, rites by William Bayless. Patience was born 1790 and died 1873 in Washington County, Tennessee.

A marriage was recorded to Catherine Sevier on 5 December 1805. This marriage has not been verified.

7 Children (3rd Murr Generation) by John and Mary:

1. George Murr

b. 1 January 1800, Washington County, Tennessee

d. 1841, Indiana

2. Jacob Murr

b. 1802, Washington County, Tennessee

d. Was alive 11 March 1869

3. Jeremiah Murr

b. 20 September 1804, Washington County, Tennessee

d. 7 October 1871, Morris County, Missouri

4. Elizabeth Murr

b. 13 April 1805, Washington County, Tennessee

d. Prior to 8 May 1868

5. Mathias Murr

b. 1807, Washington County, Tennessee

d. 8 April 1869, Salem, Oregon

6. William Murr

b. 1809, Washington County, Tennessee

d. Was alive 4 January 1868

7. Mary (Polly) Murr

b. 1811, Washington County, Tennessee

d. Was alive 4 January 1868

9 Children by John and Patience:

8. Ruth Murr

b. 21 November 1816, Washington County, Tennessee

d. 16 April 1833, Washington County, Tennessee

9. Rus Murr or Rees Murr

b. 1817, Washington County, Tennessee

d. Still alive in 1827 as listed in the Tucker will

10. James Murr

b. 1819, Washington County, Tennessee

d. Early 1900

11. Joseph Murr

b. 1821, Washington County, Tennessee

d. About 5 April 1865, Greene County, Tennessee, listed in Estate Deed

12. David Murr

b. 5 December 1824, Washington County, Tennessee

d. 16 March 1910, Washington County, Tennessee

13. Samuel Murr

b. 7 May 1827, Washington County, Tennessee

d. 11 January 1899, Washington County, Tennessee

14. Alexander Murr

b. 1833, Washington County, Tennessee

d. 18 April 1872, Washington County, Tennessee

15. Michael Murr

b. 1837, Washington County, Tennessee

d. Alive in 1906 (Deed), Washington County, Tennessee

16. Tena Murr

b. 1838 (Census), Washington County, Tennessee

d. Alive 1850 (Census), Washington County, Tennessee


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