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    This Web presents a History of The Murr family as researched, compiled and published by Ruby Murr May.  This work took place over many years requiring a tireless dedication to the task.  The purpose is to preserve the family identity and lineage for future generations.
    We make no claim to perfection.  As with any endeavor involving many  memories and many hundreds of records of something so complex, memories do fade and records can be incomplete or in error.  Information from other researchers has, by permission, been included to extend, cross check and verify that which is presented here.
    The original text is presented here as it was first published in book form, but with a few minor revisions and corrections.  The form and divisions have been changed only to the extent required for Web publishing.
    We hope this will offer the reader a personal satisfaction in the kinship within the Murr family, all the families who became a part of it and indeed with all peoples of the world.

    This page was last updated on 11/25/00.

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