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A Brief History:JEM/SCHM
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A Brief History:JEM/SCHM
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A Brief History of the MURR Family in America


J. Edward Murr, son of Jonathon C. Murr


Sarah Catherine Hislip Murr

John Murr was the only representative of the family who came to the new world. He was born in the northern part of Scotland near the Muir Fiords. I have supposed that our name was spelled M-U-I-R instead of M-U-R-R as it must have been spelled at first.

Old Granddad John reached Charleston, South Carolina*. Most all Irish and Scotch came to the new world by way of a southern seaport. I have reason to believe he reached Jonesboro, Tennessee about 1775 to 1780 and that Grandpa John was an American Soldier under General John Sevier in the Revolutionary Battle called or known as Kings Mountain.

John Murr and Mary Brown had three children: John Murr, the oldest died in infancy or was stillborn; George Murr, born 1 January 1800; Jerry Murr, date not known but believed around 1812.

A letter to Grandpa George from Jerry said he would arrive a certain day and he never came. They hunted for him 3 to 5 days after he had taken the wrong road. He never was heard of again.

Old John must have died soon after 1830. His wife Patience Murr died 1872 or 1873. The folks here gathered up enough money to send Uncle Washington Murr to Jonesboro, Tennessee to lay claim to Grandpa's share of the estate of John and Patience.

John Murr's estate was settled up in 1868 with Samuel Murr Administrator and David Murr as Attorney.

Grandma Catherine Hammond Murr, b. 30 January 1800, d. 5 September 1875.

In all Grandfather John Murr had 17 children: "George, David, and Jerry were full brothers." Jacob Murr and Alexander Murr were half brothers to Grandfather George. Alec was in Indiana 1870-71 and walked from there to Jonesboro, Tennessee. He died about 2 to 5 weeks later.

A Presbyterian Minister from Jonesboro by name of Henry, said he knew an Uncle Jacob Murr and a Grandmother Murr. I judged he was Grandfather's brother. Another place he said Grandfather's son. Henry served some churches in Indianapolis, Indiana.

*Elsewhere Dad had Mississippi listed. (J. Bruce Murr)

While in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1887, I saw a milk wagon go along the street with the name "John Murr" on it, he looked like the Murrs and looked a lot like Uncle Thomas.

Alec Murr was a Confederate Soldier, and was captured an put in prison Camp at Jeffersonville, Indiana. Alec was there when Lee surrendered and the war ended. Uncle Elbert, Uncle Washington and my father (Johathon C. Murr) went there and brought him to our home where he stayed for a while before returning to Tennessee.

John Murr, our great grandpa, was a rather well-to-do man. He could and did work in iron and wood and taught his sons to do so. He made wheels, looms, etc. He was fleshy and owned slaves (as Elbert, Delilah and Grandma Catherine remember).

Elbert Murr born 6 August 1824 died 1900, 76 years old.

Delilah Murr born October 1822 died 1900.

Thomas Murr born 1826, died 1900.

Elbert Murr was bashful, a good conversationalist, engaging raconteur, with an excellent memory, hard of hearing and wore a mustache.

John Hammond born 1806 P. Mary Hammond born 1798

Jacob Hammond born 1812 George Hammond born 1814

The four above are brothers and sister of Catherine Hammon Murr born 1814. They all journeyed down to the Nolichucky River and settled. They were Dutch. Mary Hammon married.

My Great Grandma Catherine came to Indiana with her two sons, Jake and John. She sold her farm and put the money in a pillow case and used it for a pillow. Her boys spent it for her.

George and Catherine Hammond Murr had 5 children:

1. Delilah Murr

b. 1822 married Hiram Babcock.

9 children - all dead.

(Hiram was the son of a Maine Yankee).

2. Elbert Sevier Murr

b. 1824 married Mary Nolot.

5 children - all dead.

3. Thomas Murr

b. 1826

Married Lucindia Burgess

11 children - all dead.

4. Bartley Murr

b. 1828

Married Matilda Burgess (sister to Lucindia Burgess Murr)

5. Levi Murr

b. 1836

Married Sarah Catherine Hislip.*

(Levi died in the Battle of Sherman's March to the Sea, 1864)

2 Children:

1. George William Murr

b. 11 February 1861

d. July 1939

2. David Jonathon Murr

b. 11 July 1864

d. 1919

* Sarah Catherine Hislip Murr then married Jonathon C. Murr 12 March 1868.

3 Children:

1. John Edward Murr

b. 20 December 1868

d. 21 August 1960 (92 years old)

2. Charles Levi Murr

b. 4 April 1871

d. 8 February 1916

3. Lyman Cortez Murr

b. 19 April 1873

d. 31 July 1949

J. Edward Murr 1st married Mable Louise Conner, 29 November 1899

2nd married Minnie Eitelgorge b. 11 March 1871 d. 13 February 1951

3 Children by Mable Louise Conner Murr:

1. Alleen Murr

b. 21 August 1901

d. 25 April 1981

Married Paul Stewart, 1 October 1921

2. Johathon Bruce Murr

b. 23 January 1907

d. 13 October 1981

Married Louise Dold, 17 December 1944

3. Roger Watson Murr

b. 15 April 1911


Married Julia Groh, 17 November 1935

1 Child:

1. Bobby Kay Murr married: Crim.

This set of Murr's were fairly large, Roger was 6'4". J. Bruce was 6' 2" and J. Edward was 5' 11" and weighted 175 pounds.

J. Bruce's Dad wrote the early Indiana Murr history. Upon his death J. Bruce endeavored to finish the genealogy. J. Bruce was a teacher with several degrees. He died in 1981 so his daughter-in-law Virginia Murr will try to finish the Book.

According to the little book of births, as kept by Grandfather George, I find the following records:

1. John Murr

b. Washington County, Tennessee

d. Infancy 1820

2. Delilah Murr

b. 21 November 1822, Washington County, Tennessee


3. Elbert Sevier Murr

b. 6 August 1824, Washington County, Tennessee


4. Thomas Murr

b. 2 April 1826, Washington County, Tennessee


5. Bartley Murr

b. 21 August 1827, Washington County, Tennessee


6. Mary Murr

b. 20 February 1830, Washington County, Tennessee


7. George Washington Murr

b. 29 February 1832, Harrison County, Indiana


8. Louisa Murr

b. 17 February 1834, Harrison County, Indiana


9. Levi Murr

b. 8 February 1836, Harrison County, Indiana


10. Jonathon Murr

b. 23 August 1837, Harrison County, Indiana


11. Amanda Murr

b. 19 October 1839, Harrison County, Indiana


12. Lydia Murr

b. 20 May 1841, Harrison County, Indiana

d. Infancy

Children of Grandfather George and Grandma Catherine and their children:

1. John Murr

b. 1820

d. Infancy

2. Delilah Murr married Hiram Babcock

8 Children:

1. Taylor Babcock

2. Elbert Babcock

3. William Babcock

4. Lidia Jane Babcock

5. Catherine Babcock

6. Joseph Babcock

7. Hiram Babcock

8. Alva Morton Babcock

All Deceased.

Delilah and Hiram Babcock divorced -- "He was a mean and unjust man." Delilah was given the farm.

3. Elbert Sevier Murr married Mary C. Nolot

5 Children:

1. Louisa May Murr

2. Catherine Murr

3. Adeline Murr

4. Josephine Murr

5. John Elbert Murr

All Deceased.

4. Thomas Murr married Lucindia Burgess

11 Children:

1. Joseph Murr

2. Hannah (Sis) Murr

3. Jane Murr

4. John O. Murr

5. Lizzie Murr

6. George T. Murr

7. Jacob Murr

8. Ward Murr (Ward & Asbury twins)

9. Asbury Murr

10. Alice Murr

11. Amos Murr, died infancy

All Deceased.

5. Bartley Murr married Matilda Burgess

3 Children:

1. George Murr

2. Joseph Murr

3. William Murr

Bartley was the only one of the family that could not read or write. During the Civil War, he was in Sherman's March to the Sea. Matilda was sister of Lucindia.

6. Mary Catherine Murr married Gwin Tipson

11 Children:

1. John Tipson

2. Martha Tipson

3. Amanda Tipson

4. Sally Tipson

5. Benjamin Tipson

6. Lida Tipson

7. Joseph Tipson

8. George Tipson

9. William Tipson

10. Ison Tipson

11. Emma Tipson

7. George Washington Murr married Mary Bell

5 Children:

1. James Murr

2. George Murr

3. John B. Murr

4. Charles Murr

5. William Murr, died in Iowa

8. Louisa Murr married Joseph Troncin

4 Children:

1. Peter (George) Troncin

2. John B. Troncin

3. Joseph Levi Troncin

4. William Troncin

9. Levi Murr married Sarah Catherine Hislip, 29 April 1860

2 Children:

1. George William Murr

2. David Jonathon Murr

10. Jonathon C. Murr married Sarah Catherine (Hislip) Murr, 11 March 1868

3 Children:

1. John Edward Murr

2. Charles Levi Murr

3. Lyman Cortez Murr

11. Amanda Murr married Theodore Pinaire

7 Children:

1. John Pinaire

2. Ella Pinaire

3. William Pinaire

4. George Pinaire

5. Wesley Pinaire

6. Levi Pinaire

7. Angie Pinaire

12. Lydia Murr died in infancy.

Section C was written by John Edward Murr when he was 78 years old.




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