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A Brief History:RMM
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A Brief History:RMM
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The MURR Family
Ruby Murr May
Daughter of William Reed Murr (Brickmason)
Son of David Murr (Weaver)
Son of John Murr (Blacksmith) Son of Michael Murr (The Potter)

A Brief History

The author and researcher of these records pertaining to this Murr Family is Ruby Murr May. I have heard that the first John Murr emigrated from Scotland to this country (United States) in 1774. However, in my research I discovered that our ancestors must have come from Germany. Two German emigrants: Hans (John) George Murr sailed on the Ship Osgood from Rotterdam (via Cowes, England) 29 September 1750; Ship Windsor brought Heinrich (Henry) Gottfried Murr who arrived 27 September 1753. Also, in my possession is a map of a portion of Germany showing a MURR settlement and a river by the name.

The origin of the surname Murr is a bit confusing. In Scotland for instance: More 1296; Mure 1347; Mwre 1369; Myre 1424; John Myre 1460; John Mur & Muyr 1469-70; Mur 1508; Mwr 1513; Mwyr 1525; Myre 1538; Mwyr 1539; Murre 1541; Mor, Moor, Moore 1650; Muir 1650. In Scotland, where people lived affected the spelling of their name. Also, families added a letter or two to be different. In Sweden it is Myhr. In Germany it is Mur, Murr, and Morr. Regardless of which decent, we are (most of the Murr Clan) fairly tall -- between 5' and 6'2" and mostly good natured.

My great-great grandfather Michael Murr lived in Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina and was a Potter by trade. The earliest record I have is 1761 where he was a constable and had a license to run a Public Ordinary (General Store). In 1761, he also purchased lots.

Great Grandfather John Murr was born 6 July 1774. Salisbury, North Carolina records say he was an orphan of Michael Murr and bound out to learn the trade of blacksmith. He was married twice and possibly a third time though the third marriage is not verified. The first marriage was to Mary Brown on 22 December 1798 in Washington County, Tennessee (daughter of Jacob Brown, Jr. and Elizabeth Artmire). Jacob was a Blacksmith and was born in Rowan County, North Carolina. The second marriage was to Patience Tucker on 5 September 1815 (daughter of Joseph Tucker and Margaret Tucker) Washington County, Tennessee.

Grandfather David Murr was born 5 December 1824 in Washington County, Tennessee. I have a vivid remembrance of him only on one occasion when I led him by the hand around our fruit orchard showing him the trees. He owned a small farm 2 1/2 miles west of Jonesboro, Tennessee (5th District). He kept beehives, sold honey, raised vegetables to sell, bottomed chairs and made the splits. It is recorded that he, "once bottomed all chairs in Court House for 16 2/3 cents each, including witness chair." (Quoted by Earn Fergueson). He also raised hogs and sold meat. He first married Elizabeth Reed. They had one child: George Washington Murr born 23 October 1849, died 23 April 1924 (only have one picture). He split logs and made shingles, made wooden water buckets, and the old dasher churns.

William Reed Murr was an excellent singer and was Choir Director in McCarty Methodist Church where he was a member. He was a Brickmason, a Plasterer and Carpenter. He owned a small farm 2 miles west of Jonesboro, Tennessee (5th District). William was a Republican but was for the Party he thought would do the best for our Country.

Ruby Murr May, April, 1966

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