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Jeremiah Murr
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Jeremiah Murr married Rachel Click; July 19, 1825 in Washington County, Tennessee by Joseph Bales. Born September 20, 1804 in Washington County, Tennessee; died October 7, 1871 in Texas County, Missouri. Rachel Click Murr was born 13 December 1807 in Washington County, Tennessee; died 29 July 1889 in Texas County, Missouri.

12 Children:

1. John Murr

b. 1826


(Married Elizabeth ? )

2. Henry Murr

b. 14 January 1829

d. 30 Sept. 1883

(Married Elizabeth Sparks, 22 October 1848, Newport, Cocke County, Tennessee).

3. Lucy A. Murr

b. 1831


4. Ollie Murr

b. 8 January 1832

d. 30 Aug. 1834

5. James Murr

b. 1835

d. ere 1863

6. Violet Murr

b. 1837

d. killed in train wreck, Violet and Mary buried in the same grave.

7. Mary E. Murr

b. 1839

d. killed in train wreck

8. Lewis A. Murr

b. 19 August 1841

d. 23 Oct. 1836 in Chattanooga, Tennessee; died of Scurvy and Diarrhea.

9. William M. Murr

b. 1844 Cocke County

d. 29 Mar. 1929 in Illinois

10. Alfred Murr

b. 1846 Cocke County

d. 3 Feb. 1911 in Illinois

11. Amanda J. Murr

b. 19 August 1850

d. 1923

12. Dorcas Tabithe Murr

b. 17 August 1852

d. ?

m-Wm. Martin 28 September 1871 in Missouri.

Jeremiah moved from Washington, County, Tennessee to Cocke County, Tennessee to Monroe County, Tennessee in 1863 then moved to Illinois in 1865 from Annie, Illinois (Union County) to Texas County in Missouri in 1869.

Jeremiah's second son Henry and his wife, Elizabeth Sparks Murr were both in Civil War. He a soldier. She a nurse. Once her life was saved on the battlefield by a money belt around her waist. She was also a midwife.

1a. John Murr (1st son of Jeremiah) b. 1826 (alive in 1860 Census) married Elizabeth ? about 1849 born 1832. Lived Madisonville, Monroe County, Tennessee.John Murr

5 Children:

1. Andrew H. Murr

b. 1850 (1860 Census)

2. Jonathan D. Murr

b. 1852

3. David Murr

b. 1854

4. Rachael Murr

b. 1856

5. Margaret Murr

b. 1859

2a. Possible 2nd Marriage -- John Murr married Harriet Hick 29 June 1868, J. R. Birchfield in Monroe County, Tennessee.

1. Andrew H. Murr married Martha Denton 12 April 1869, Ball Play, Tennessee, Monroe County by J. R. Birchfield, Esq. Andrew was born 1846, Provo, Monroe County, Tennessee, died 25 February 1901, Ball Play, Tennessee. Andrew was listed as Col. 3rd Inf. Union Forces. Martha born 1843, died 28 October 1913. Andrew and Martha lived in Povo, Monroe County, Tennessee and Ball Play, Monroe County, Tennessee.

(1880 Census gives Andrew's age as 30 - if so born 1850.)

9 Children:

1. George Tipton Murr

b. 23 June 1870

2. James David Murr

b. 1873

3. Lizzie Ann Murr

b. 8 November 1876

4. Lewis Murr or Louis Murr

b. 3 May 1878

5. Dorcus Murr

b. 7 October 1880

6. Margaret Murr

b. 7 February 1883

7. John Henry Murr

b. 7 March 1885

8. Essey May Murr

b. 7 August 1888

9. Virgie Murr


1. George Tipton Murr married Dicie Pearce, 27 September 1917, Monroe County, Tennessee.

5 Children:

1. Johnie Murr born 1918.

2. Ammer Murr born 1820.

3. James David Murr born 1922.

4. Andrew "Andy" Murr born 1924.

5. "Tuck" Murr born 1926.

2. James David Murr married .

9 Children:

1. George Henry Murr.

2. Maryline Edwina Murr married Ervin.

3. Vernon Richard Murr.

4. Catrena Michelle Murr.

5. Brenda Marie Murr married Dwight Wallace.

6. Stella Louise Murr married Campbell.

7. David Lenton Murr.

8. Dimple Mae Murr.

9. Ricky Dwight Murr.

3. Lizzie Ann Murr born 8 November 1876, married 10 April 1899, James Jenkins.

4. Lewis Murr or Louis Murr born 3 May 1878

5. Dorcus Murr born 7 October 1880, Madisonville, Tennessee. Married: R. W. "Red" Hodge, 9 February 1898, Monroe County, Tennessee.

6. Margaret Murr born 7 February 1883.

7. John Henry Murr born 7 March 1885.

8. Essey Murr born 7 August 1888.

9. Virgie Murr married Ron Wilson, 29 August 1916, Monroe County, Tennessee.

Data by George H. Murr (1977)
Murr Plumbing and Electric Supply
Madisonville, Tennessee
Telephone: (615) 442-4581

Andrew "Andy" Murr went to Monroe County, Tennessee, in the early 1800's. He had a son, Roy L. Murr that married Lola ? . She said this set of Murr's came from Newport, Cocke County, Tennessee. He had a great, great grandson, Ernest Jenkins, who lives in his old home place near the Ball Play community (1977). (His address is: Andrew H. Murr, Vonore, Tennessee 37885, Monroe County - Lola Murr: Rt. Greeneback, Tennessee 37742.)

John H. Murr parents: Jacob L. Murr and Eliza Teffeteller Murr and 3 sisters are buried in Pecks Chapel Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee.

Four brothers of John H. Murr are buried in Ballards Chapel Cemetery, Knox County, Tennessee.

(Above data by Roy A. Murr - son of John H. Murr.)

2. Henry Murr married Elizabeth Sparks 22 October 1848 at Newport, Cocke County, Tennessee. Elizabeth born 13 April 1826; died 1 January 1905.

Henry Murr was a Pvt in Co G, Third Tennessee Calvary.

8 Children:

1. Sarah Murr     5. Henry ? Murr

2. Jerry Murr     6. John Murr *

3. Eddie Murr     7. James M. Murr

4. William H. Murr     8. Louis F. Murr

Sarah Murr married Elliott Martin. They had 8 children and the eighth child was Clinton Thomas Martin, Dad of Doris Martin Latham. Doris Martin married G. W. Latham. Doris and G. W. had 2 children: Robie Latham and Beverly Latham. Doris and G. W.'s address is: Box 51, Ocate, New Mexico 87734

3. Lucy A. Murr

b. 1831

4. Ollie Murr born 8 January 1832 died August 30, 1834

5. James Murr married Frances . James born 1835 died ere 1863.

6. Violet Murr married Josiah W. Sparks 26 January 1860 in Monroe County, Tennessee By E. E. Griffith, J. P.

7. Mary E. Murr born 1839, killed in train wreck.

8. Lewis A. Murr in Revolutionary War, Company L, Third Tennessee Infantry, a bachelor. Brothers; Henry, James and William all in the Revolutionary War.

9. William M. Murr married Lucinda Hinkle, 3 July 1870. William b. 2 June 1844 died 29 March 1929 in Annie, Illinois. He was 6' tall, weighed 185-200 lbs., blue eyes, light hair. A Union soldier but fought on both sides in the Revolutionary War.

1 Child:

Arthur Felix Murr married Martha Hudsal.

Arthur Murr was born 1897.

1. Authur F. Murr born 1897 married Martha Hudsal (Son of William H.) (Living with daughter Ruby in 1971).

2 Children:

1. Ruby Arrella Murr

b. 23 September 1913

Married John Caviglia, 222 Laulla, Mt. View, California 94040.

2. John Andrew Murr

b. 10 September 1929 (Ben David, MD)

Married Fonda Irene Horton, 135 Gage Street, San Antonio, Texas 78227

2 Children

1. David A. Murr

b. 1958

2. Linda I. Murr

b. 1968

John A. Murr served in the USAF November 1951 and now serves as a small arms instructor stationed in Lakeland, Florida. (Data by John A. Murr in 1971).

10. Alfred Murr married Elender L. Crabtree, 27 November 1864 in Union County, Illinois. Alfred was a Freewill Baptist Preacher. Alfred Murr, son of Jeremiah, b. 1846.

11. Amanda Jane Murr married John Volner 4 December 1864 in Union County, Illinois. John was born in 1849 in Missouri.

6 Children:

1. Henry Volner

b. 1868 Illinois

2. William Volner

b. 1871 Illinois

3. Jeremiah Volner

b. 1872 Illinois

4. Ettie Volner

b. 1874 Missouri (1880 Census)

5. Alfred Volner

b. 1877 Missouri

6. Ellen Volner

b. 1879 Missouri

Rachel Click Murr, age 72 (mother of Amanda) was living with them in 1880 Census.

12. Dorcas Tabithe Murr born 17 August 1852 married William Martin 28 September 1871 in Missouri.


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