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A Brief History:JEM
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A Brief History:JEM
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A Brief History of the Murr Family in Indiana

By John Edward Murr

(Written when he was 78 years old.)

Information Taken From The

MURR Family Bible

(Our Branch of the Murr Family)




Levi Murr and Sarah C. Hislip 29 April 1860

Jonathon C. Murr and Sarah C. (Hislip) Murr 11 March 1868

George Washington Murr and Carrie M. Trevenot 30 March 1882

David J. Murr and Ida M. Wolfe 2 January 1887

Lyman Cortez Murr and Emma Good 8 May 1897

J. Edward Murr and Mable L. Conner 29 November 1899

Lyman Cortez Murr and Onie Kate Davis 2 October 1906

Violet Purlee Murr and Charles Oswell Sandefur 17 July 1916

Alleen Murr and Paul Luther Stewart 1 October 1921

Roger Watson Murr and Julia Groh 17 November 1935

Jonathon Bruce Murr and Louise Dold 17 December 1944


Levi Murr b. 8 February 1836

Jonathon C. Murr b. 23 August 1837

Sarah C. Murr b. 1 August 1841

George Murr b. 11 February 1861

David J. Murr b. 11 July 1864

John Edward Murr b. 20 December 1868

Charles Levi Murr b. 4 April 1871

Lyman Cortez Murr b. 19 April 1873

Alleen Murr b. 21 August 1901

Jonathon Bruce Murr b. 23 January 1907

Roger Watson Murr b. 15 April 1911

John David Humphrey b. 9 October 1921

Bobby Kay Stewart b. 9 August 1922

Amelia Isabel Sandefur b. 10 September 1917

Charles Oswell Sandefur, Jr. b. 12 October 1927


Levi Murr d. 1 December 1864

Carrie M. Murr d. 11 July 1889

Emma Murr d. 21 November 1905

Eddie Cleveland Murr d. 26 June 1907

Charles Levi Murr d. 6 February 1916

Jonathon C. Murr d. 16 September 1917 (Sun)

David Jonathon Murr d. 27 April 1920

Sarah Catherine Murr d. 7 April 1922

David Henry Murr d. 23 January 1925

George William Murr d. 1939

Bobby Kay Stewart d. 12 August 1939

Ona K. Davis Murr d. 22 July 1938

Lyman Cortez Murr d. 31 July 1949 (Sunday,7am)

Mable Louise Conner Murr d. 13 February 1951 (1:30pm)

John Edward Murr d. 21 August 1960 (3:45pm)

Alleen Murr Stewart d. 25 April 1981

Jonathon Bruce Murr d. 13 October 1981

Presented to

Mrs. S. Catherine Murr


Her Husband

March 18, 1884

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