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George Murr
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George Murr

First Son of John Murr

The Blacksmith 

1. George Murr (1st son of John Murr (the Blacksmith), born January 1800 in Washington County,Tennessee; died in 1841 in Indiana, married Catherine Hammond, 3 August 1820 in Washington County, Tennessee. Catherine was born in 1800 in Washington County, Tennessee and died in 1875 in Indiana.

12 Children:

1. John Murr (died in infancy), Tennessee

d. 1820

2. Delilah Murr

b. 21 November 1822 Tennessee

d. ?

3. Albert Sevier Murr

b. 6 August 1824 Tennessee

d. 18__ (buried in Knoxville, Tennessee)

4. Thomas Murr

b. 2 April 1826 Tennessee


5. Bartley Murr

b. 21 August 1828 Tennessee


6. Mary Murr

b. 20 February 1830 Tennessee



6 more children born in Harrison County, Indiana


7. George Washington Murr

b. 29 February 1832 Indiana


8. Louisa Murr

b. 17 February 1834 Indiana


9. Levi Murr

b. 8 February 1836 Indiana


10. Johathan Murr

b. 23 August 1837 Indiana


11. Lydia Murr

b. 20 May 1841 Indiana


The rest of his family records can be found in the previous pages of the Indiana records. George went there to live in the year of 1831.


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