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Joseph Murr
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11. Joseph Murr (son of John and Patience) married Margaret Mace 6 August 1844 in Greene County, Tennessee (daughter of Henry Mace) b. 1821 (alive 1870 Census).Joseph Murr, b. 1821, Son of John and Patience Murr

7 Children:

1. Alfred Murr

b. 1846 Cocke Co. TN.

d. 1876-77

2. John A. Murr

b. 1848 Cocke Co. TN.


3. Amanda E. Murr

b. 1850 Cocke Co. TN.


4. Henry J. Murr

b. 1852 Greene Co. TN. (1860-70 Census and Tennessee Greene County Deed records)

5. Phillip N. Murr

b. 1856 Greene Co. TN. (not in 1870 Census)

6. James M. Murr

b. 1859 Greene Co. TN. (not in 1870 Census)

7. Mary A. Murr

b. 1862 Greene Co. TN. (Mary was in 1870 Census, and in estate settlement of John Murr (Blacksmith)

Samuel Murr (not his son) alive 16 April 1884 received a small amount from estate settlement.

1. Alfred Murr married Sarah J. Morelock, 1 January 1871, Greene County, Tennessee, by A. H. Harmmin. Sarah born 12 May 1841, Midway, Greene County, Tennessee. She died 13 January 1921. Both buried at Pilot Knob Cemetery, Greene County, Tennessee.Alfred Murr

2 Children:

1. William Thomas Murr

b. 1872

d. 20 Sept. 1937 Bulls Gap, TN

2. Henry J. G. Murr

b. 14 Oct. 1875

d. 1904

1. William Thomas Murr married Lora Mae Hendry 13 November 1905, Greene County, Tennessee. Lora b. 23 July 1883, d. 20/23 July 1960, buried Pilot Knob Cemetery, Greene County, Tennessee.

5 Children:

1. Wm. Harrison Murr

b. 14 Sept. 1904

d. 20 Aug. 1972

2. Charlie L. Murr

b. 20 Feb. 1908

d. 22 Dec. 1945

3. Sadie Viola Murr

b. 23 April 1912


4. John C. Murr

b. 8 March 1916

d. 8/9 March 1937

5. Joe Rector Murr

b. 31 Aug. 1925


William H. Murr born 1904 died in 1972 Morristown, Tennessee, married 27 December 1926 Josie Couch, Greene County, Tennessee.

8 Children:

1. Robert Murr

Married May Nell Harrison

2. Jimmie Leon Murr

Married Mary Ann Rhodes 17 May 1955, Greene County, Tennessee

3. Charlotte Murr

Married Jim Shaffer

4. Carl Edward Murr

Married Retta Ann Jones

5. Joanne Murr

Married Clarence Gass,

6. Margaret L. Murr

Married Rodger Doud

7. Carolyn Murr

Married Joe Parker

8. Donald Fae Murr

Married Ruby (Frye) Goodman

2. Charlie L. Murr

b. 20 Feb. 1908

d. 22 Dec. 1945

3. Sadie Viola Murr first married Victor Carter.

Second marriage to Lawrence Burnett, 226 B. Simpson St., Greeneville, Tennessee.

2 Children:

1. Jean Carter

Married Charles English, Kingsport, Tennessee

3 Children:

1. Randy English

2. Ken English

3. Robert English

2. Catherine Fay Carter

Married Randy Fleenor, Morristown, Tennessee.

2 children:

1. Vicky Fleenor

2. Becky Fleenor

4. John C. Murr married Selma Lee. John born 8 March 1916. Died 8/9 March 1956. Selma born 1920.

5. Joe Rector Murr married Vauty Catheryn Sexton, 7 February 1950 in Greeneville, Tennessee. Vauty C. Sexton born 7 February 1927 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. Joe R. Murr, Sr. was in World War II.

5 Children:

1. Delores Louise Murr

b. 18 Nov. 1950

2. Joe Rector Murr, Jr.

b. 13 Mar. 1954

3. Catheryn Jean Murr

b. 1 August 1957

4. Mark Timothy Murr

b. 26 Feb. 1960

5. George Thomas Murr

b. 15 April 1962


1. Delores Louise Murr

1st married Bobby Lee Anderson (Divorced)

2nd marriage Shelton Smith (Divorced)

3 Children:

1. Christopher Michael Anderson

2. Shawn Daniel Anderson

3. Andrea Leigh Anderson

2. Joe Rector Murr, Jr. married Patricia Ann Zimba

2 Children:

1. Joe Edward Murr

2. Angalie Marie Murr

3. Catheryn Jean Murr married Robert Leon Eastley (Divorced)

2 Children:

1. Chuck Daniel Eastley

2. Jermey Eastley (Killed by Car)

4. Mark Timothy Murr and Tina Louise Smith

1 Child:

1. Timothy Allen Murr

5. George Thomas Murr married Tammy Michelle Tipton.

2 Children:

1. Amanda Jean Murr

2. George Thomas Murr, Jr.


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