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A Brief History:RMM
Generations 1, 2,&3.
John Murr's Children
A Brief History:JEM/JBM
A Brief History:JEM/SCHM
A Brief History:JEM
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George Murr
Jacob Murr
Jeremiah Murr
Elizabeth Murr
Mathias Murr
William Murr
Mary Murr
Ruth Murr
Rus Murr
James Jimmie Murr
Joseph Murr
Bruce Edward Murr
David Murr
David Murr 2nd Family
Samuel Murr
Samuel Alexander Murr
David Murr 2nd Fam Cont'd
Alexander Murr
Michael M. Murr
Tena Murr
Michael Murr (the Potter)
Jacob Murr (Blount Co.)
Jacob L. Murr
Aubrey Murr
Blount County, TN
Murrs of Powell, TN
Murr of Virginia
Murr of Vonore, TN

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More photographs to be added.

Ruby Murr May
Ruby Murr May (91 yrs young, 1998)
Fall at Ruby's:

Fall follage at the authors home

Farm foliage

Fall follage on authors farm.

David Murr's grave marker

David Murr's grave marker.

Left to right: Ruby Murr May,
Arvil Murr
and wife Eunice

Ruby Murr May, Arvil Murr and wife, Eunice

Lois, Larry, Reuben
and Reuben May

Lois, Larry, Reuben and Ruby May


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