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Henry J. Murr, fourth son of Joseph, lived in Sequatchie, Tennessee and was buried in Greene County, Tennessee, where he owned property in 1894. "He was called Jack" Joe Murr said. Henry J. "Jack" Murr and other Murr graves in a family Cemetery in Greene County, Tennessee. Stones if any were destroyed by Highway Department while building a new highway on left of the highway bridge after leaving Mosheim, Tennessee, going to the right off Highway 11-E toward Bulls Gap.

In old family Bible belonging to Joe R. Murr was written: "The old man died the 9th of February 1910. The Murr I got of Kin, Myrrs."

Margaret Mace Murr whose name was on a tax receipt dated 1868 was wife of Joseph Murr. She was still alive 1870 (Census) was born 1821. She married John Rector as her second husband 18 June 1885.

Alfred Murr was married to Sarah J. Morelock, 1871. Alfred died 1876-77. She then married John Rector 18 June 1885.

Alfred Murr had kinfolks living in Georgetown, Texas in 1893, also in Rader, Powel, and Calvin as well as in Tennessee.*

Phillip N. Murr (son of Joseph) made wheat cradles, sharpened saws, and did odd jobs in the Community. "His children worked hard in the fields."

Aunt, Mrs. Pearl Crumly, 3901 16th Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee (1977) -- 82 years old, she was the sixth child of John A. Murr by his second marriage. Data by Blanche Murr Manis in 1977.

* First portion of the above information give by Joe R. Murr in 1968 and when I visited them in 1973, Route 2, Bulls Gap, Tennessee 37711. (R.M.M.)


"Grandfather John Murr (Blacksmith) brought Gimlet from Salisbury, North Carolina. 129 years ago this September 1904." This scrap of information was in the possession of my father William R. Murr. (R.M.M.)

David Murr (son of John Murr the Blacksmith) and daughters are buried in the New Hope Cemetery ("Little Red Brick") about 2 miles north west of Jonesborough, Tennessee. Just off Highway 81, foot of Stuart Hill.
David Murr

Samuel Murr (son of John Murr) and his sister Ruth Murr Sliger are buried in the McCarty old cemetery, 3 miles west of Jonesborough, Tennessee on the new 11-E Highway.

Michael Murr (son of John Murr) is buried in the lower or old Methodist Cemetery in Fall Branch, Tennessee. No stone on his grave, "Claude Murr and Mother said."

James Murr (son of John Murr) is buried in Bethesda Cemetery, known as Green Shed nears Haws Cross Road in Greene County, Tennessee. At one time he lived near Sulpher Springs Camp Ground. He had a Blacksmith Shop there. James played the Dulcimer for dances and his own pleasure.

Thomas E. Murr (son of James) is buried beside James Murr in Bethesda Cemetery.

Jasper Murr and wife Pearl are buried in Bethesda Cemetery. He was a son of Thomas E. Murr.

William Reed Murr (son of David Murr) moved from the Dice lot located about 1 mile of Telford, Tennessee (now corners on the 11-E Highway and the small road that leads into Telford) to the P. H. Mottern farm which he purchased 24 October 1901, located in the 5th District of Washington County, Tennessee. The old dice Lot house was torn down in 1967. The land was bought by Mr. Payne who build a Livestock Market on it in 1971.

William R. Murr and wife, Sleta E. Murr bought a new T-Model Ford 16 August 1924 for the sum of $416.00. The horn cost $.50 extra.

My Great Grandfather John Murr's wife, Patience, and son, Alexander, are possibly buried in McCarty old cemetery as they lived on a nearby farm where he died 1 January 1854. No stone on their graves. His personal property was sold 26 July 1865. (R.M.M.) Patience was born 1790, died 1872-73. She was still living on the farm when she died. Alexander died 1870.


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